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Asha Sekuru

Founded Tanvi Naturals

“the way we are living nowadays is very artificial” this point was a life changer for Asha Sekuru. During her pregnancy, Asha Sekuru suffered a lot due to lack of natural diet and products for her health, childs health, Hair , Skin etc. 

After a structured and indepth research, she found that there is only one way! “Bringing Back The Traditional way of living” where she can make and supply products made  with pure love with nature touch for her clients. In this journey she won the trust of  clients by supplying 100% chemical-free products.

She focused  on Mothers and Babies need. She believed that if  mothers are strong and healthy, babies will be strong and healthy too  with a good future and which was proven by modern science too.

She studied Ayurvedic and Naturopathic to make the products with high-quality ingredients and traditional processes.


"A healthy human can lead to a healthy society"

Being a beauty you must experience the essence of nature. Tanvi Naturals migrate you to leave artificial flavors and adheres you to healthy addiction of Nature.

What Do
We Do?

Choosing high-quality ingredients and making products in the traditional process is not simple… at  Tanvi Naturals we do this as natural as age old traditional practice.

Tanvi Naturals clients number increase day by day is because of its committed to provide only best quality. 

a source of purity

Our Team

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